It's Not A Game

Delbert Murphy dmurphy at
Tue Apr 1 14:49:57 UTC 2003

No--it's not a game.  There are a number of folks around who remember 
prohibition in the US (some of them are still serving in the US Senate!)...and 
if DRM comes to forcing that--there will be some of us who are "illegal" for a 
time...but beyond keeping squeaking and beyond educating those we work with--
all I can think of is to have basic faith in human intelligence and relize 
that these things will correct themselves over time... 

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>You raise a very important issue since there is a real possibility
>that, in the future, the entertainment console will serve as the
>family computer for many households around the world.  It would be a
>shame if Squeak cannot be made available to millions (if not billions)
>of people due to DRM.
>But what concrete actions can be taken to protect against this
>possibility?  One can always expend the effort to educate one's circle
>of acquaintances about the societal dangers inherent in this
>techno-legal bid for control of computational media, and urge them to
>vote for a non-Republicrat who understands what is at stake.  Beyond
>that, I don't see any course of action for Squeakers other than to
>keep on Squeakin'.

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