Squeak Xbox port

Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 1 17:49:28 UTC 2003

Cees de Groot <cg at cdegroot.com> wrote:

> My reaction on the Squeak Xbox port: way cool.
Nah, it's merely a linux VM compiled on Mandarke-whatever running on a
modified Xbox. Buy the box, a few parts, do a little cutting and
soldering and Robert is your parent's brother. Even I could do it if I
had $150 to spare for a second hand xbox and what, $50 ?, for the

> And it goes to show that
> in the coming years, we may have some more headaches to deal with than
> just the licensing stuff.
Now _that_ is the key point of the "It's not a game" posting. Big
powerful interests are working hard to ensure that you can do nothing
that they don't approve of. And in almost all cases "approve of" means
"make money from". Those selfsame interests are working hard to control
all forms of media, to restrict what appears on the web/net/airwaves and
to subvert any attempt at anything close to a democracy.

Nobody should be surprised by this. Business and politics are
essentially the same game, merely facets of the fight to control
_everything_ purely for the sake of it. The purpose of power is simply

> Like making sure you don't have to take out your soldering gun just to
> run Squeak on some platform...
One day, when soldering guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have
soldering guns.

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