[Q] Storing a Morph in Magma

Chris Muller afunkyobject at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 19:19:36 UTC 2003

Martin Drautzburg wrote:

I just had the idea to store a Murph in Magma with

self commit:[
self root at: 'morph' put: (RectangleMorph new)

But when I tried to retrieve it in another Client I got:
"Improper Store into indexable object"


Hi Martin, I'm sorry you had that problem.  I'm not surprised because I have
not yet attempted to store a Morph in Magma, however, it has always been on my
list and will be fixed shortly.

Magma 1.0gamma4, to be released soon, has several enhancements and a couple of
fixes, the most exciting of which are two more substantial performance
improvements!  I'll see if I can get storage/retrieval of Morphs in there too.


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