ComSwiki distro and [FIX][Comanche] persistent connections

Brian Brown rbb at
Tue Apr 1 21:16:59 UTC 2003

I downloaded the ComSwiki distro... (which I think is an awesome packaging 
job!) and noticed the persistent connection issue (like when using Safari) 
that was fixed in the HttpAdaptor class of Comanche... I looked at the code 
in the distro image, and the code:



		(self isPersistentConnection and: [Preferences keepAliveConnections])

			ifTrue: [response fieldAt: 'Connection' put: 'close']

			ifFalse: [response fieldAt: 'Connection' put: 'Keep-Alive'].

		response writeOn: self writeStream


	on: Error do: [ :ex | ex]

Has the 'close' and 'Keep-Alive' reversed from what was in the FIX.  I changed 
them in my local image and everything works like a charm.. (the above code is 
like what is in the image.)


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