Is there a Squeak3.x way to do "thisContext inquire"

Brian Keefer mgomes21 at
Wed Apr 2 00:24:34 UTC 2003

>From deep within the VI4 swiki page..

'thisContext inquire message' will search the sender chain for the first
receiver that understands message and send it to him. The receiver may
choose to return a result or pass the inquiry by signaling the InquiryPass
notification. If he returns a result, the result will be the result of the
inquiry message. If he passes the inquiry, the search continues with his
senders. If the search exhausts without finding a responsible receiver, an
InquiryFail notification is raised, the default of which is to do nothing
and return nil as the result of the inquiry message.

Can this be done in Squeak 3?

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