[UPDATES] 4 new ones for 3.6alpha, using new process

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Wed Apr 2 05:56:21 UTC 2003

I just sent out emails approving 4 new updates for 3.6alpha.  Well, 3 
fixes and 1 test.

These were incorporated using the process which has been hashed out 
here and on the SqF list.  I will try to write up a swiki page summary 
tomorrow of the remaining bits of the process which are not already 
covered on other swiki pages.

Since the other emails already announce the content of the updates, I 
may discontinue sending out this [UPDATES] email summary as well... 
we'll see.

See http://swiki.gsug.org:8080/SQFIXES/ for the history of each 
submission.  You'll see each one has an [update - 51xx] tag at the end.

- Doug Way

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