It's Really Not a Game (DRM, XBox and Squeak)

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at
Wed Apr 2 12:34:01 UTC 2003

Thanks Very Much --

I found the article both interesting, well written, useful and 
provocative. Tell us more please.




At 10:43 PM -0800 4/1/03, Beale Screamers Brother wrote:
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>      It's unfortunate that people construed the
>"It's Not a Game" article as an April Fools joke.
>That was not my intention and certainly not the
>      The article was posted "Mon, 31 Mar 2003
>22:27:50 -0800 (PST)".  It just happened that the
>Squeak mailing list stamped the post "Tue Apr 1, 2003
>6:27 am."
>      This was anticipated, which is why I included
>the text "Original Distribution Date:  March 31, 2003"
>inside my digital signature block.
>      I am, myself, a busy person who does not believe
>in wasting time, especially that of others.
>      Yes, Squeak really does run on the XBox.
>The posting was not a hoax.  The Squeak object
>engine, however, was not a native XBox executable
>      Treating the "It's Not a Game" article as
>yet another Squeak port does seem to miss the
>intent of the original article.
>      The skeletal "Squeak on XBox" write-up may not
>remain at the location specified in the original
>article, and now appears at the following location.
>      The XBox hardware modifications, the type of flash
>BIOS used, and other factors require me to remain anonymous,
>but this doesn't negate the factual material which I
>have respectfully presented to you for your enjoyment
>and edification.
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>Original Distribution Date: April 1, 2003
>by "Beale Screamer's Brother"
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