Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org Yoshiki.Ohshima at acm.org
Thu Apr 3 00:26:35 UTC 2003


> > I am not sure where the speed difference
> > comes from- the SL-5500 has very similar specs to both the iPAQ 3150 and
> > the Jornada 720- but it scores a good 20-25% faster in the tinyBenchmarks
> > than both the iPAQ and the J720 do under the latest WinCE VMs.

  As I wrote in an email, this can be quite possible because the
bytecode range check is not omitted in the interpreter loop for WinCE
VMs.  I don't know the snappiness you're feeling, but this is be

> What numbers do you get? I'd like to compare my new Dell Axim...
> I get:
> 12,728,719 bytecodes/sec; 414,700 sends/sec

  Wow.  This is different from what I get from other platforms.  You
use the WinCE VM, right?

-- Yoshiki

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