Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Thu Apr 3 01:42:32 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Jon Hylands wrote:

> Andrew,

Actually, it is Aaron.  But it is odd you say Andrew- it is my brother's
name. :)

> What numbers do you get? I'd like to compare my new Dell Axim...

* Jornada 720
  Handheld PC 2000, WinCE 3.0; 206 MHz StrongARM 22 MB of real RAM being
     left open for Squeak; Squeak uses about 16 MB at first
  tinyBenchmarks: 10 335 917 bytecodes/sec; 376 310 sends/sec

* Zaurus SL-5500
  default Sharp Linux ROM; 206 MHz StrongARM; allocating 14m on the
     as a ./squeak argument
  tinyBenchmarks: 12 658 227 bytecodes/sec; 412 207 sends/sec

Both tests done with a stock Dynapad R0.1 (2.8-based) image.  The iPAQ
3150 I also once used got values pretty similar to the Jornada 720,
perhaps a few hundred thousand bytecodes/sec slower. That ends up about
22.5% faster in bytecodes/sec and 10% faster in sends/sec on the Zaurus.

If anyone has any other more interesting benchmarks, I wouldn't mind
running them.

What is the CPU/memory configuration of your Axim?

Dell Axim:
> 12,728,719 bytecodes/sec; 414,700 sends/sec


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