[Q] How to upgrade to a new image

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Thu Apr 3 07:23:51 UTC 2003

On 3 Apr 2003, Martin Drautzburg wrote:

> (1) My own code
>     I had written some code in my own class categories. I filed out
>     the category and filed it back in. Some of the classes however
>     were derived from (TrueType) Classes that were not yet present in
>     the new image. The class ended up as a subclass of ProtoObject

Obviously, the answer here is to file in TrueType before you file in your
own code.  This isn't always easy to remember, however.  If you were using
Monticello (the updated DVS I just released), it would haved noticed
this problem and warned you of it before loading your code.

> (2) Uninitialized class variables
>     Some of classes had state in Class Variables. The state was lost
>     until I reinitialized the class variables. Easy, but also easy to
>     forget. Luckily I had Sunit tests that quickly revealed the
>     problem.

Typically class variables are initialized in a class side #initialize
method.  These methods are automatically called by any changeset that
includes them (that is, a DoIt to call them gets added to the changeset).

> (6) System changes made my me
>     I had changed some (look related) system classes. I was able to
>     localize the changes in the original image and create an extra
>     change set, file this one out and read it back in. That was easy
>     except for localizing my changes in NewChanges. Is there a way to
>     find changes with my initials ?

I seem to remember that Ned had something that did this.  Alternatively,
make it a habit to put these into a special category (for example,
'*look-modifications') that can be found by PackageInfo and filed out as a
DVS or Monticello package.


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