[Q] FormsEditor and nil ScheduledControllers (Bug ?)

Martin Drautzburg martin.drautzburg at web.de
Thu Apr 3 21:16:59 UTC 2003

"Boris Gaertner" <Boris.Gaertner at gmx.net> writes:

> Martin Drautzburg <martin.drautzburg at web.de> asked:
> > ScheduledControllers is nil in my system. How can that be ?
> Ok, I just found out that in a fresh Squeak 3.4, the value of this
> global variable is nil. It is assigned an instance of ControlManager
> when you *enter* an MVC project the first time. Seemingly you
> never created and entered an MVC project in your image -
> is that right?

Yes, that's the case. 

Actually all I wanted to do is edit an icon. The existing icons say
they are forms. How would you edit an Icon ?

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