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Thu Apr 3 23:07:02 UTC 2003

On Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 12:25  PM, Tim Rowledge wrote:

> I just ran up a 2.8 image on my Acorn and it is waaaay more responsive
> than any recent image. This is, I think, largely due to it being an MVC
> based image from _before_ the event system was put in. The Controllers
> are rapidly polling for any input rather than waiting on a semaphore. I
> can get similar response from a modern image in an MVC project _IF_ I
> change the global sensor to an instance of InputSensor instead of
> EventSensor.

Mmm have we done any serious work on the events logic? I mean if we  
look at the code I
see in EventSensor>>ioProcess we get the event type, then throw it  
away, but then promptly need it again in EventSensor>>processEvent:  
where we check type against EventTypeKeyboard no less that three times,  
which I think you could fold into one if block.

	{do we need to collect statistics?}
	{instead of asking the event 4 or so times what it is could we not  
invoke a method to do the work and have the instance do the work}

mm actually we still are a long ways from where we actually process the  
event, and I see for flexibility some use of perform. Wonder what the  
performance cost is? Anyways there is lots of room for improvement if  
someone (not me) wants to take a stab at this.

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