ioSetScreenSize (was: Re: [ENH] OptionalWarningForMacOSFileNameLength-dgd)

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Fri Apr 4 00:10:57 UTC 2003

Am Donnerstag, 03.04.03 um 00:25 Uhr schrieb John M McIntosh:
> I changed ioSetScreenSize on the mac a few years ago to enable some 
> folks at Disney to flip screen resolutions, Apple always said doing 
> that was a no-no but relented after the gaming industry committed 
> various crimes in this area, originally this routine really didn't do 
> much beyond dealing with full screen. Now however
> it attempts to flip the display device to the given resolution/size 
> and then full screen or not depending on the flag.
> I can see based on Andreas note from the 31st we don't follow the 
> rules with what fullscreen means, Guess I'm waiting for 3.6 now then 
> will follow up with this request.
> I'm not sure about your comment about going back? If you can flip from 
> 1024*768 to 640*480 I'm sure you can flip back to 1024*768 again? No?

Yes, of course, but I can't go to the resolution I had before 
automatically. The problem is I can't even remenber what res is native 
for the powerbook screen, it's something odd, not the regular 4:3 
ratio. I would have to look up the native resolution somewhere and 
issue another primitive call (in practice I just call up the monitor 
settings). In Andreas' scheme, I'd only have to set fullscreen to 
false, because the VM would have remembered the original resolution for 

> Guess I'm waiting for 3.6 now

Not 3.5? And why wait? Ah, whatever. It's not that I actually *need* 
this working, I just wanted to point out it's an issue ;-)

-- Bert

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