[Q] Network IM and Jabber

Brian Brown rbb at techgame.net
Fri Apr 4 06:58:22 UTC 2003

I'm trying to get the Jabber stuff I found on

I filed in the YAXO, im, jabber, and network im changesets that these pages
pointed to. I've gotten through some of the walkbacks, but now I'm stumped and I
think it's related to my lack of Smalltalk knowledge :)

I'm getting an MNU dtd from JabberStream>>openOn:

openOn: anXMLWriter
	| elementDTD dtd |
	self xmlWriter: anXMLWriter.
	dtd _ self class dtd.
	elementDTD _ dtd elementDeclaration: self dtdName.
	anXMLWriter dtd: dtd.
	elementDTD marshalStart: self on: anXMLWriter.
	anXMLWriter stream flush

It's having a problem with the: dtd _ self class dtd.

self is a JabberStream which has no method #class, so is that a (gulp) keyword?
Or is it a method of Object? I find no class named dtd, no instance vars or
class vars, only the local var declared in this method.

I'm sure I'm missing something!


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