Squeak/Dynapad Presentation Today!

Aaron J Reichow reic0024 at d.umn.edu
Fri Apr 4 16:16:31 UTC 2003

Hey all,

Just saying "Hello" from TechFest, which is a little conference at my
school where staff, faculty and students present how they are using
technology for education or research.

I am presenting Dynapad and the Adaptive Research Framework (ARF), demoing
on my iBook, Jornada 720, and Zaurus SL-5500.  ARF is something I'm
working on to provide a set of tools that enable scientists to create
systems/apps for mobile data collection and analysis.  I've talked about
it a little on this list, but not as much on Dynapad.

So, if anyone is in the area of Duluth MN from now to 5 PM, stop by UMD!


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