Recording sound on the web

Brian Brown rbb at
Fri Apr 4 18:13:31 UTC 2003

On Friday 04 April 2003 10:59 am, Lloyd Smith wrote:
> I want to write a web application that involves the user recording sound
> and playing it back. Can I do that in Squeak?

I'm no expert being a new Squeak user myself... but you could easily do this 
utilizing the Squeak Webbrowser plugin framwork like you see on You would have a Squeak Project that implemented 
the Record and Playback controls that you want. You are assuming they have 
working sound equipment on their PC... Otherwise, you would have to use some 
other sort of client app, (ActiveX contol or Java applet) that could do it. 
Squeak would be trivial compared to that ;)



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