Recording sound on the web

Markus Gaelli gaelli at
Fri Apr 4 19:51:35 UTC 2003


the last time I tried that, it did not work
as the recorded sound won't be saved when I
published the project.

Anybody prove me wrong, send a
bugfix or a suggestion, please...


Am Freitag, 04.04.03 um 20:13 Uhr schrieb Brian Brown:

> On Friday 04 April 2003 10:59 am, Lloyd Smith wrote:
>> I want to write a web application that involves the user recording 
>> sound
>> and playing it back. Can I do that in Squeak?
> I'm no expert being a new Squeak user myself... but you could easily 
> do this
> utilizing the Squeak Webbrowser plugin framwork like you see on
> You would have a Squeak Project that 
> implemented
> the Record and Playback controls that you want. You are assuming they 
> have
> working sound equipment on their PC... Otherwise, you would have to 
> use some
> other sort of client app, (ActiveX contol or Java applet) that could 
> do it.
> Squeak would be trivial compared to that ;)
> HTH,
> Brian

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