Anybody playing with Hydra?

Julian Fitzell julian at
Sat Apr 5 00:02:20 UTC 2003

Yup, I tried it the other day.  It works smootly and seemlessly with 
shared documents on the network just popping up in the list.

We haven't actually tried writing any code in it to see if we like the 
process but the app does what it says it does quite well.  As they warn, 
th editor is a little basic in terms of features (no regex search and 
replace for example) but it does do syntax highlighting for quite a few 

But sadly, as Gary says, it only runs on MacOSX and farnkly I've had it 
up to here with MacOSX and will be moving back to linux as soon as I can 
find a way :)


Gary Fisher wrote:
> Looks pretty, but entirely Mac-centric and closed software.
> Gary
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> Man, this looks cool:

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