KCP looking for external reviewers

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Apr 5 06:27:39 UTC 2003

> If you think about the process, you'll see that it's important that the
> documentation be on the web page itself. Probably reviewers will go
> through one changeset each time, and they want to be able to choose the
> ones that interest them, or that they understand. A little more trouble
> for you, much clearer for the reviewer.

But the changes are not independent. Some yes but the sequence is key so
you should start at the beginning else this will never work.
So reviewers should not choose. :)

> For the same visibility reasons, the policy is that when someone adds a
> QA tag, his name/initials be written near it, and that the details be
> included in the mail. The same logic applies to the web page, so please
> try to make these things visible in the future.
> About reviewing itself - I've reviewed changes 4,7 and 9 and will
> support them when you send them in. In change 11, you implement
> Behavior>>allUnsentMessages by referencing the current environment,
> instead of Smalltalk. Why not remove it completely? what's your
> rationale for leaving functionality in the kernel, or moving it out,
> into something else?

I have to check but the idea was to avoid big bang changes which we 
could do
but nobody we not get it.
> Is SystemDictionary part of the Kernel? if it is, the kernel will
> continue to reference many things for a long time... maybe it's easier
> to extract it's core functionality into a new class and refactor the
> leftovers later? if it isn't, you shouldn't refer to it from Behavior.

This is a bit more complex than that and we should do it incrementally.
Some parts of SystemDictionary should be in the kernel other not.
So at the end SystemDictionary should be split into pieces but there 
are some
link with the VM code so this is not easy and we should go slowly.


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