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Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat Apr 5 13:08:42 UTC 2003

> [changes not independent]
> For the general harvest process, this would make me not approve them.
> But I answer your specific case on the SqF thread.

How can we create changeset that are not dependent. If I move method A 
from class B to class B. Then if later on we want to fix another aspect 
and we have to modify method A this method A will be on classB. So the 
two changesets ARE dependent. Sorry I do not see how we could do that 
in another way.

But I'm not on SqF list.

> [SystemDictionary is kept as part of the kernel, to be partitioned
> later, with some parts outside the kernel (IIUC)]
> Ok.
>>> In change 11, you implement
>>> Behavior>>allUnsentMessages by referencing the current environment,
>>> instead of Smalltalk. Why not remove it completely? what's your
>>> rationale for leaving functionality in the kernel, or moving it out,
>>> into something else?
>> I have to check but the idea was to avoid big bang changes which we
>> could do
>> but nobody we not get it.
> I didn't understand that.

I want to say that this would be easier for us to work like mad during 
3 weeks and
produce a new kernel than generating tiny changesets one after the 
other one.

> I'm trying to understand what should in your
> opinion be the functionality of the kernel, and what should be outside.

UI should be out,
everything related to class compiled method should be in. I do not want 
to go into the detail but we want to have a core with layers and be 
able to deploy a image with just the core so we should not have 
dependencies between core layers and external layers.

> Daniel
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