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Ned Konz ned at
Sat Apr 5 22:16:07 UTC 2003

On Saturday 05 April 2003 02:03 pm, Derek Brans wrote:
> This topic has probably come up more than a few times on the list
> but...
> I would like a fast system for rebuilding different images.
> I've made an extensive list of SM packages and st / cs / dvs files
> and preferences that I want in my image.  And I have a different
> list for different image types (development image, server-side
> image, etc.)
> How do others manage these lists of packages and install them
> automatically when rebuilding an image?

It's probably best to do a load script a la SqueakMap. Save it as a 
text file.

Assuming you start out with images with SqueakMap loaded, you can load 
SqueakMap packages by name or UUID:

	SMSqueakMap default installPackageNamed: 'Connectors'.

	SMSqueakMap default installPackageWithId: 

Or you can load change sets (even compressed ones):

	ChangeSorter fileIntoNewChangeSet: '/home/ned/Squeak/Whatever.cs'.

You can then load the load script from the Squeak command line. Finish 
it up with:

	Smalltalk save: true andQuit: true

You should give the script name as a fully-qualified path.
Ned Konz

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