Debian Woody Intallation problems -- Thanks

john hinsley johnhinsley at
Sun Apr 6 03:13:15 UTC 2003

On Saturday 05 April 2003 19:03, flonesaw at wrote:
> Aha!
> Somehow the symbolic links to the GL include files were messed up.  This
> might have caused major problems with my future development.  Thanks to
> Squeak, and Ned Konz, I was able to deflect a very major hidden problem.  I
> reinstalled files from xlibmesa and xlibmesa-dev and all is now fine.
> I'm now Squeak-ing away.  Beautiful system.
> Maybe I ought to install Squeak on my Zaurus.  ;-)

You certainly should! ;-)

BTW, I'm playing with the Debian SID as made by a Knoppix HD install: it's a 
bit quirky, but so far very fast and stable. (And, of course, the deb just 
flew on.)



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