KCP looking for external reviewers

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun Apr 6 06:51:19 UTC 2003

Hi tim

I agree on what you say.

> Excellent strategy. Oddly enough I'm just doing a little work in the
> area of removing direct UI connections from Class>fileout (etc) so
> perhaps my changes will interest you.

Sure. we do not want to reinvent anything. When I work on the 
registering filelist.
I throw away my first attempt and took the one of henrik because it was 
better, and I  refactor it. So if you want to participate please sign 
or have a look at our changes.

> I'll send them when I've finished
> a couple more parts, enough to illustrate the idea. Raising an 
> exception
> with a clear defaultAction and having UI related tools handle them when
> approriate is a big improvement, although we will have to do a lot of
> explanation and education to get people to 'do it right'.

Avi proposes that and I like the idea.

>> The first design changes introduced is the introduction of a class
>> named SystemNavigation that should contain all the navigation code
>> (browseAll...). Note that all the browse methods defined in the class
>> SystemDictionary should be moved into this class too to avoid
>> duplicated code and logic. But for now we will not touch
>> SystemDictionary (yet) which has far too much responsibility.

> SystemDictionary has way too much code as you say. It gets used as a
> sort of utility repository when people can't think of somewhere 
> actually
> appropriate. Then there is Utilities, where a bunch of other code got
> put for similar reasons. It would be nice to clean up both.
> One could make a good argument for a change to 'Smalltalk' being an
> object with all the navigation/utilities and copletely renaming the 
> root
> globals dictionary. At least that way us oldtimers wouldn't have to
> remember a new receiver for #browseAllSelect: etc!
So we agree!

I think that when we will start to cure systemDictionary we will really 
for feedback before because some parts are really easy to fix while 
others are definitively not. This class has at least 5 completely 
different responsibility and a lot of junk code.


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