Debian Woody Intallation problems -- Thanks

Hannes Hirzel hannes.hirzel.squeaklist at
Sun Apr 6 12:05:29 UTC 2003

Hello John
john hinsley <johnhinsley at> wrote:
> BTW, I'm playing with the Debian SID as made by a Knoppix HD install: it's a 
> bit quirky, but so far very fast and stable. (And, of course, the deb just 
> flew on.)

Could you elaborate a bit on this please? What are you on at the moment?
Currently I'm looking into Knoppix as well in the context of another
project. But I could thinks of doing a Squeak-Knoppix CD as well. For
that I'm lacking knowledge how to install Squeak on Knoppix which is
said to be debian-based.
In fact I'm looking into "remastering" Knoppix. 
This means unpack the compressed Knoppix file system, remove certain
programs, add other programs e.g. Squeak and then pack the thing again
and do an ISO-CDROM image.

The Squeak specific issue would be to come up with a repeatable
installation process for everybody to use. The result would be CDROMs
with Squeak packed on them. The Knoppix CDs run on bare hardware. A
Squeak-Knoppix-CD could directly start into Squeak.


P.S. 1 Some links

A list of some remastered Knoppix-CDs for specific purposes

Some notes on how to remaster Knoppix

Customizing the boot disk (which is part of the CDROM and used during
the startup - ElTorito)

Some background information on createing a Linux boot CDROM

General information about Knoppix
Knoppix home page  (with links to
Spanish, Japanese, French and English version)
Knoppix wiki   

P.S. 2 Perhaps it might be an idea to take out this discussion onto a
Swiki page after some additional mails forth and back. It is actually a
documentation / configuration management / testing issue.

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