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I read all the material on karel and what you can do is limited. The 
tutorial on karel are rather procedural oriented. The Java version end 
up you writing subclasses just because you cannot extend classes in 
Java. But as always if people are forced to use that language to 

I think that robots are interesting for conditional programming. This 
is only for that that I used them at least. With the turtles I go over 
loops, variable, abstraction, composition I chose to introduce robots 
to have a book not only with turtles. But simply with turtle I can use 
them to simulate animals and other nice stuff (I should really finish 
it now ;))

I'm curious to see what alan will reply to you too.

On Sunday, April 6, 2003, at 03:58 AM, wallingf at 

>>> and I wanted to be sequential.
>> OK. Then I think that LOGO is quite a bit better for children
>> cognitively than Karel, but maybe you have made your robot more like
>> the LOGO turtle?
>      I'm curious as to why you think Logo is better for children
>      than Karel.  I know folks who are using Karel, but if they
>      are better served switching to Logo, I'd like to help them.
>      (Of course, I'd like to get them to use eToys soon!)
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