How to interrup a deep recursion

Tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Apr 7 05:20:44 UTC 2003

Ned Konz <ned at> wrote:

> On Sunday 06 April 2003 12:29 pm, Stephane Ducasse wrote:
> > On mac os x I tried all the keyboard combination I could imagine
> > without been able to interrupt a deep recursion.
> > What is the way to interrupt Squeak?
> Cmd-.
> But you can't interrupt processes at a higher priority than the 
> interrupt watcher, and if you don't have an exception handler at the 
> right place in the UI process you can't interrupt it either.
Actually I've noticed that it can be terribly difficult to interrupt the
system at times. This would be on all three of my machines, Acorn, Mac
& linux. Two symptoms come to mind; either simply no response whatsoever
or a notifier showing [] newProcess followed by another one
withaslightly more logical looking short-stack which proceeds to drop
the focus and then.... nothing. No control. Another interrupt gets the
same. Only 'solution' seems to be forced exit which is very

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