WinCE VM Speed (again)

Yoshiki.Ohshima at Yoshiki.Ohshima at
Mon Apr 7 06:31:50 UTC 2003


> Some of you may have seen my post about the conference at which I was
> presenting Dynapad and Squeak today.  At the end of the day, a stroke of
> pure and joyous irony, I happened to be the winner of the grand door
> prize- a brand spankin' new Dell Axim!  The 300 MHz / 32 MB RAM / 32 MB
> Flash model.  Having never won anything before, I was pretty excited, and
> seemed fitting considering the independent research I do. :)

  Wow, conglaturations!

> Curiously, Squeak "felt" slower on the Axim than the Zaurus even though it
> was scoring around a million higher on the bytecodes/second in 0
> tinyBenchmarks.  Anyone have any ideas? Just about any GUI/user input
> seemed slower to process- opening the world menu, opening new windows,
> etc.

  Try some little examples, such as bring up a world menu, and profile
it.  I still suspect some primitive might be failing on WinCE VM and
we may get some indication with profiling.

> [1] I tried the GAPI and non-GAPI VMs for PPC and ran into similar
> performance on the non-GAPI VM, and screwed up drawing with the GAPI
> version.   The Axim is running PPC 2002- perhaps I need to install a
> newer or older (?) version of gx.dll...

  You use the VM from:

Don't you.  I knew I had to write a "complete" display code that works
any possible GAPI parameters, but...

-- Yoshiki

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