Monticello status

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Mon Apr 7 07:40:54 UTC 2003

> It may be obvious from what Avi said, but I would like to note 
> explicitly that Monticello does, in fact, use a declarative model of 
> Smalltalk code. I'm interested in refining that model so that it can 
> serve as a base for not only versioning, but all sorts of coding 
> tools: browsers, debuggers, change sorters, fileout mechanisms, 
> refactoring tools, code analyzers etc. It would indeed be excellent.

Great colin so we should work together (even if I have to finish other 
I think that the first step would be to have a declarative model for 
Squeak covering ClassVariable, PoolVariable, Global in particular.

  You should then look at Ginsu because this was the idea. For the 
runtime, joseph was using a nice trick that if an entity Smalltalk was 
there the messages where forwarded directly. This way the tools were 
based on the ginsu model but the run-time was not modified.


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