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On Sunday 06 April 2003 21:14, Boris Gaertner wrote:
> Marco Paga <mail at> wrote:
> >>Hi.
> >>I've read that CS6 will be in Germany, so I'm thinking about going there.
> >>But do you think that they just want die-hard smalltalkers not me as
> >>a newbie?
> Discrimination of newbies would be against all traditions of Smalltalk
> culture.I do not think that this can happen.

This is a great thing.

> Have you read reports from earlier CampSmalltalk events? It is perhaps a
> good
> idea to look at
> for a report from the event at Essen two years ago.
> When you search for "Camp Smalltalk" on
> you will find 142 items.
> To find out what will be offered at CS6, we should talk to each other.
> It would be nice to know the plans and the expectations of the
> participants (and those that still hesitate).
> May I ask these persons to answer these four questions?
> 1. Did you ever attend a CampSmalltalk?

never before.

> 2. Have you decided to come or do you still hesitate?


> 3. What do you want to see and to hear?

interested in squeak and everything that belongs to the wide-spread field of 

> 4. What can you bring? (bugs, finished and unfinished code, lectures,
>     workshops, presentations, a lot of questions, ... )

i want to learn. read books of kent beck i am in the feeling that pair 
programming can bring you forward, so i thought it would be the best way for 
me to learn from experienced smalltalkers. i don't know anybody who is an 
interested smalltalker or even an interested java geek.
in fact i would have a lot of questions and a bit of unfinished code, but i 
think it is not worth to look over it.

> I will now follow my own advice and tell you this:
> 1. No, I did not.
> 2. I still have not decided but I find CampSmalltalk very attractive.
>     I will decide within the next few days.
> 3. My interest is focused on Squeak. It is therefore understandable
>     that I would search communication with Squeakers. (Information
>     about other Smalltalks is of course interesting, but I would take
>     that as 'collateral' profit. Hey folks, I managed to find the opposite
>     of  'collateral damage' !!! )
>     I would be delighted to learn more about multilingual Squeak,
>     about software to write music, about mathematical software
>     (both numerical and symbolic maths).
> 4. My work on MVC, an unfinished maths program, a
>     lot of interest in multilingual software and some fonts.
> Do not forget: Registrations should be made until Apr 19.
> Greetings,
> Boris

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