Form manipulation from a Plugin

Tim Rowledge tim at
Mon Apr 7 18:06:15 UTC 2003

Oh, and don't forget to think _now_ about endianness problems. If you
leave it till later you will probably melt your synapses. If what you
are doing has anything whatsoever to do with images being shared or
exported to or imported from an OS, there is a good chance you will have
to cope with endianness.

I didn't see it explicitly mentioned in Andreas' message but remember
that if you fail the prim because of the form being hibernated you just
need to make the method unhibernate and retry. It's obvious but only
after you've wasted time discovering it again :-) If you find a surface
reference then you probably have more problems than just endianness to
consider; platform pixel formats are all over the map. Bigendian,
littleendian, what Andreas & I ended up calling middleendian, and worse.

Good luck....

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