A few random comments from an eToy newbie

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Mon Apr 7 19:20:00 UTC 2003

On Monday 07 April 2003 11:13 am, Alan Kay wrote:

> There are no nil variables, all variables have some concrete object
> in them, and there is a rudimentary type system (which needs to be
> done better).

But this is inconsistent and confusing from a user point of view. 

* Make a new Holder. You don't see anything in it. Its cursor is at 1.

* Then run a script that does:
	Holder includeAtEnd Holder's firstElement

Now you see a dot in it, but its cursor is still at 1. From a 
programmer/scripter point of view, the "before" and "after" states 
are the same. However, the Holder *looks and acts* different: there 
is now a dot in it that can be viewed and grabbed, while before there 

> SketchMorphs shouldn't ignore the grid (and they don't on my
> version of Squeak). What's going on here? 

Grab a Playfield from the flaps. Set its grid to something big 
(perhaps 30 or so). Make a SketchMorph. Drop the SketchMorph on this 
Playfield. It doesn't snap to anything. However, if you use the brown 
halo handle, it does snap to the grid. As does the yellow handle.

> Also, I think that one of
> the original conventions was supposed to be "center of object on
> grid intersection".  Maybe Scott has some comments.

That sounds like a good idea, though it's inconsistent with the 
behavior of the PolygonMorph (which snaps its *origin* to the grid 

Ned Konz

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