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Mon Apr 7 12:11:03 UTC 2003

Hi Marco,

Probably a minimum experience needed to attend would be about half a year.
If you are a complete newbie you may get a little lost but we certainly do
not wish to put you off. This event however is not a tutorial. I should also
make clear that CS6 is not by invitation only, anyone can attend.

You could take a look at who is coming so far and what projects you may be
interested in participating in. If you do wish to come it may be a good idea
to try and understand a little more about the projects by contacting the
people involved with them.

In fact by reading the wiki you should be able to get a feel for what is
going to happen at the Camp! Also take a look at some of the previous
reports and see what happened.

You can get to the CS wiki via the exept website at:


James Hayes (employee from exept)

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I've read that CS6 will be in Germany, so I'm thinking about going there.
do you think that they just want die-hard smalltalkers not me as a newbie?

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