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Jeffrey T. Read bitwize at
Tue Apr 8 06:06:51 UTC 2003

Hi all,

Because I am quite the game geek :), I have begun writing a kernel for a computer role playing game in Squeak. If you are familiar with Ultima, Final Fantasy, or EverQuest, you know the basic type of game I'm talking about. I have called this project "Squest".

The concept behind Squest actually stems from traditional RPGs like Doungeons and Dragons. In these games, one individual (nowadays called a Game Master or GM) would establish the setting in which the rest would be playing, and dictate what kind of enemies they would face, etc. A single campaign would incorporate only a small number of people, and they tended to know each other well or get to know each other in the process of playing. :)

For that reason Squest won't be jumping on the Massively Multiplayer bandwagon. Games of that sort seem to work a lot like casinos: woo new players with the promise of adventure and excitement, and then keep them playing by addicting them to repetitive activities (separating them from their money in the process). Add in lameness like Player Killing, and you have a recipe for something which, to an outsider like me, sounds Not Fun. Squest will focus on online games that require only a few players (10-15 at most) who ideally know each other well.

When Squest is completed (is anything in Squeak territory ever really completed? :)) , my hope is that it will be both an engine for running the games and a set of tools that allow people to map out worlds and populate them with interesting characters, monsters and a story line to follow. Maybe optionally in a 3D environment based on Alice! But I don't know if that's going to happen... Think big, talk small :)

Since discovering the joys of Squeak I have wondered what I should do with all this power. I think this'll be a fun project even if it isn't particularly useful. :) Anyone else interested? I haven't any really usable code yet but I'm getting there...

Jeff Read <bitwize at>

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