[ANN] MacroBenchmarks removal/package on SqueakMap

Marcus Denker marcus at ira.uka.de
Tue Apr 8 07:19:04 UTC 2003

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 10:56:39AM -0700, Tim Rowledge wrote:
> Marcus Denker <marcus at ira.uka.de> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > this is a small one, but important (because the MacroBenchmarks depend
> > on lot's of stuff (e.g. games(!!) to be present).
> Don't forget to check aginast my VM code removal package - I had to hit
> a coupld of MacroBenchmark methods as well. We don't want a clash to
> get in the way.

Yes... somehow this starts to get unnececarily complicated: You are
changing macrobenchmark methods, thus vm-generation removal
needs to be filed in first. That's ok. 
But my removal changes "discardVMRemoval" to not reference macroBenchmarks,
which your removal actually allready deleted. (This it will be back after
my "removal"). So I need to build a removal that requires the vm-removal
to be files in first. Will do... 

After that I think I will stop doing any more removals until those that exist 
get applied to the update stream... of course we could put a lot of work into
the removals, but I think it would be *much* simpler to apply them as
soon as possible (and then build new ones on top).

(Building Packages is nice, but the view that a Package allways lowers
complexity is wrong: "Pakages" like removals or [ENH] of not-yet-modularised
stuff are adding to the complexity, *not* lowering it. I'd even vote
for adding "no-brainer" [ENH] to base-image-non-modularised stuff in the
next release: Things like Yoshikis TrueType TextStyle, the "create Method"
Debugger enhancement, and even Diegos look-improvements... the nice
side-effect of this would be that people had actually a reason to upgrade:
without improvements, not many will do it)


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