Names for the three layers (was Re: 2nd monthly community report!)

Doug Way dway at
Tue Apr 8 22:44:00 UTC 2003

Simon Michael wrote:
> Fantastic, thanks very much Göran.
> > packages will be sorted into three layers - minimal, basic, full.
> Cool. As it happens I used minimal, simple, full for my wiki-clone's UI,
> and considered basic.

So we've finally decided on names for the three layers?  Good! ;-)

Minimal, Basic, Full it is!

Actually I could have gone either way between Minimal/Basic/Full and
Kernel/Core/Coder/Developer/Kitchensink/whathaveyou, but at some point we need
to make a decision.  I think there was less contention over the simpler
Minimal/Basic/Full names, so they make a good choice.

Probably people will sometimes use the term "Kernel" in place of Minimal,
which is okay.

- Doug Way

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