[BUG] setFlapsFontTo: 32 bit display (was Re: [BUG] Zurgle won't load into 3.4)

Jim Benson jb at speed.net
Wed Apr 9 07:35:12 UTC 2003

There appears to be a couple of problems with the 32-bit display depth of
Squeak, not related to adding the zurgle package. This problem appears in a
stock image 3.4-5170, at 32 bit display depth when executing:

Display newDepth: 32.
Preferences setFlapsFontTo: (StrikeFont familyName: 'ComicBold' size: 16).

when the flaps are destroyed/reinitialized. Unfortunately, the bug is rather
intermittent, it only appears to cause trouble about 20-40% of the time (but
it hangs Squeak when it does occur, making it annoying to debug). I'm not
quite sure, but it feels like it has something to do with the alpha-blending
display code that was introduced between 3.2 and 3.4, the same code which
obliterates the IconicButtons in 32bpp mode.


Ned Konz wrote on Tue Apr 8 08:49:54 CEST 2003:
> I get endless recursion when I load Zurgle into what I believe to be a
> stock 3.4 image:
> 1092341672 Morph>extent:
> 1092341488 [] in FlapTab>fitContents
> 1092341396 FlapTab>ifVertical:ifHorizontal:
> 1092341304 FlapTab>fitContents
> 1092341212 ReferenceMorph>layoutChanged
> 1092341120 FlapTab>layoutChanged

I got this too when using 32-bit display depth; switching back to 16-bit
before installing the package works, though.

-- brion vibber, complete smalltalk newbie

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