squeak crashes on gentoo linux

Norbert Hartl ruediger at selfish.org
Wed Apr 9 10:23:15 UTC 2003


I read all those postings about problems running
squeak in an gcc 3.x compiled vm.

It seems that everybody solved this problem by
fixing the DOUBLE_WORD_ORDER stuff in config.h
In my case it is different. When I'm doing the
configure step the 


is correctly set in config.h. But the behaviour of
the squeak vm is the same faulty one (the one with
tons of Float>>truncated messages and black borders).

I don't have any idea how to fix this. In one posting
somebody mentioned that this is fixed in the repository
but not alvailable as source archive yet. Is this true?
As long as I'm not owning a running vm I'm just not able
to compile me a new one :) 

Is there a way to get an up-to-date source archive to

thanks in advance,


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