dead entities (was "Monticello status")

Stephane Ducasse ducasse at
Wed Apr 9 17:30:26 UTC 2003

Hi goran

my remark is simply that we ***need*** packages. We should not rely on 
*** in category to deal with class extension.

> Hmmm, I am not so sure about the "missed opportunity" part.
> I recall that Joseph was unsure about licensing (he hadn't dropped the
> idea of doing something commercial with it) and IMHO he wasn't very 
> keen
> on working "in the community" - he seems more of a lone wolf and there
> is nothing wrong with that of course, especially since he is a very
> competent wolf.

But we do not care about joseph this is not the point. The point is the 
of packages and bundles as true entity.

> BUT... similarly to what happened with 3.3a that kind of setup may
> quickly turn into an uncomfortable situation. These things and
> architectures really *need* to be broadly anchored in the community.

But people know are much more packages aware. Education was good.
Soon they will start to complain that SqueakMap is not good enough.....
Am I wrong?

>  And
> if there are cruical areas that one or two people more or less controls
> due to their unique insight and competence - it is very important that
> those individuals really are interested in working *in* the community.
> Like Anthony for example - I am truly impressed with his work and I can
> promise you that such a dedication will *not* go wasted - we definitely
> are going to lift his work into Squeak as soon as we can manage.

Good for him

> And btw - Ginzu/Monticello are source management tools. What SqC wanted
> in 3.3a was a namespace/module mechanism - not a source management 
> tool.

But what we need now is a source management tool. Look how dependency 
changeset are missing, look how terrible is to define extension.

I work daily with store and this is good! We open our store repository 
to some
squeakers and once said we would love to have that for Squeak.

So that's why if Avi with monticello is going in that direction we will 
try to help
because this is needed. Even if classBoxes would be competing concepts 
and we would not have scientific interest there.


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