[FIX] SqueakMap

goran.hultgren at bluefish.se goran.hultgren at bluefish.se
Wed Apr 9 20:40:01 UTC 2003

Ned Konz <ned at bike-nomad.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 April 2003 06:47 am, ned at bike-nomad.com wrote:
> > from preamble:
> >
> > "Change Set:		squeakmap-1_06
> Ignore that one. I posted a fixed version (sorry, I have a cold today 
> and I didn't get much sleep...)

Damn Ned! I just fixed this and then I fetched the new mails. :-)
Funny though, I also missed that bracket first... I will post this any

regards, Göran

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