[Q] Problems to start 2 squeaks for different users in Win2K

Martin Wirblat sql.mawi at t-link.de
Wed Apr 9 22:04:06 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I try to start Squeak in Windows 2000 from two different directories
for two different users ( runas service ) and get this error by
Windows 2000:

The program could not be initialized correctly 0xc0000142

I doubleclick the exe in a filemanager or I use a commandline
( in a lnk-file with its own working directory ) like this:

C:\Squeak\Squeak.exe c:\Squeak\Squeak3.4.image

Sometimes this error seems to be persistent after closing the image of
the first user ( So that I can't open Squeak at all again, however
I am not sure about this ).
If a remember correctly I saw it even after having run the JRE
from Sun ( but not after running the built in one from MS ). In this
case I could not start a single instance of Squeak too.

Anyone out there who can help ?


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