squeak paths and PWS

Greg Hamilton gregh at object-craft.com.au
Thu Apr 10 01:44:05 UTC 2003


I'm new to Squeak and Smalltalk. I'm playing around with Squeak 3.2 on 

I'm trying to start PWS. I've followed the instructions in 
PWS:howToStart and downloaded the files I need for my Server directory.
When I do a 'PWS initializeAll' Squeak complains that the server 
directory is wrong and pops up a browser window in which I must enter 
the correct path to the Server directory.
I know the correct path but I must be entering it incorrectly as it 
never works. What is the Squeak convention for expressing paths ?

The Server directory is on a volume called 'MacHD' in the path 

I've tried specifying this as
and a few other variations but I can't get it to work.


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