Building GUI Apps

Stephen Pair stephen at
Thu Apr 10 21:00:15 UTC 2003

Steve Graham wrote:

>Also, I noticed last night that there is a binding
>between Squeak and Berkley (sp?) DB.  Any advice on
>how to start using this?  I do have experience with
>B-Tree databases.

It's pretty straightforward...the interface works like a normal 
Dictionary, but you are restricted to byte objects for keys and values 
(i.e. String and ByteArray).  To force changes to disk, send #commit.  I 
think there are some good examples in the code.  It's not a complete 
wrapping of the BerkeleyDB API (for example, I don't support BDB 
environments or transactions), but it's good enough to use and it's a 
good base from which to add more of the BDB APIs (if you need them).

- Stephen

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