Magma on SqueakMap

Raymond raymondasselin at
Thu Apr 10 23:19:45 UTC 2003

Le Jeudi, 10 avri 2003, à 00:05 America/Montreal, Ned Konz a écrit :

> On Wednesday 09 April 2003 07:00 pm, Raymond wrote:
>> I tried to download Magma from SqueakMap without success. Something
>> seems wrong as there is nothing in the changeset 'MagmaServer'.
> It's not a change set.
> It's a SAR, and when I download it it's 121105 characters long.
> And it's a valid SAR (Zip) file.

Ned I misexplained my problem...
Yes it is a SAR file (I know you know as it is you who gave us this 
Yes there is content on it as I can see via OpenFile/View zip
But if I select the MagmaServer.2.sar in the OpenFile browser and try 
to 'install' it, nothing happens except to ask to replace an existing 
changeset that I can see in a changesorter but which seems to content 

What am I doing wrong...usually I don't have problem with sar files.

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