Need feedback on simple idea

German Morales germanmorales at
Fri Apr 11 01:08:50 UTC 2003

It seems that Jecel Assumpcao Jr wrote:
> On Thursday 10 April 2003 18:11, German Morales wrote:
>> It seems that Stephane Ducasse wrote:
>> > remove direct access to instance variables a la self
>> I like Self, so why not?
> Self is my favorite Smalltalk, but simplicity is the result of a
> complete package: message sends are used to replace access to instance
> variables, arguments, temporaries, class variables, pool variables and
> globals variables. If you replace just some of these, then the language
> becomes more complex instead of simpler. If you replace all of these,
> then having an efficient enough implementation becomes a real problem.

I see... life is not easy.

What about changing all mentioned above?
If just for playing performance shouldn't be an issue...
Playing with such a modified Smalltalk would deserve the effort?
I mean, while getting all the rest you don't have in Self (for example
Classes), in other case just play with Self and forget about changing

German Morales

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