Need feedback on simple idea

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Fri Apr 11 03:41:41 UTC 2003

Stephen Pair <stephen at> wasn't pleased by
what Frank Sergeant wrote.

I think he miss Frank's point:  in order to change SOME things,
OTHER things have to stay put.

Now, we have a number of alternative syntaxes for Squeak already.
Nothing stops someone _adding_ a new compiler which accepts whatever
language they like.  Heck, it could even be Fortran 2k for all I care.
But if it changes the core "Smalltalk" language too much (practically
any change which makes previously legal code illegal or changes what
it does is "too much") then all those nifty things in the SuperSwiki
and SqueakMap become so much historic junk (like too much stuff has
in the past).

Wasn't someone already playing with a sort-of-Self-in-Squeak project?

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