Building GUI Apps

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Fri Apr 11 14:59:14 UTC 2003

David Faught <dave_faught at> wrote:
> I wanted to try our BobsUI too, only when I try to install it from
> SqueakMap, the changeset contains only an HTML page that is a "Page Not
> Found" thing from EarthLink.  Where in the world is BobsUI??

These problems will "go away" later in SM1.1 which will cache the
packages on the server as a "fall back" if the original server doesn't
respond anymore. And I am also adding an "upload" facility so that
packages can be published directly on the SM server.

But sorry, don't have the specific answer about BobsUI. :-)

regards, Göran

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