Need feedback on simple idea

Swan, Dean Dean_Swan at Mitel.COM
Fri Apr 11 19:49:17 UTC 2003

Hi Stef,

> So people do not listen again because if they would read the 
> wiki page 
> our plans are clear. If those people would read the emails in the SqF 
> mailing-list (some are there too) they will know our intentions also.

	People have a tendency to put self interest (pun-intended)
	before a more careful interpretation of inquiries.  You can
	hope for them to change, but the only pro-active thing you
	can do to reduce this is to change the encoding/presentation
	of your messages.

> So VisualWorks is not Smalltalk anymore.

	That would be my opinion. ;-)  In fact, I never really felt
	like VisualWorks was very Smalltalk-like it took a
	fairly serious "left turn" early on. (Just my opinion...)

> But have you looked at the code inside Squeak? really!


> I can tell you that some parts are really scary. and what was true
> in 80 is not true anymore.

	I know, and I agree.  I try (although I'm not always terribly
	successful at this) not to bring it up too much though
	since it involves pointing out to people whom I respect that
	some of their children are hideously ugly and improperly clothed.

	That's not the kind of thing that people like to hear, and
	it's far more important for us to play nice together.

> Because I got interesting answers from people even privately so this 
> was good to check if what we were thinking still holds after some
> bold guys defending direct access.
> Research is not about consensus but about sound discussions.

	So, it sounds like you got what you wanted.  Try not to be
	too bothered by some of the gratuitously offered, but
	unsolicited response. ;-)


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