[UPDATES] 3.5 is now final

Doug Way dway at riskmetrics.com
Fri Apr 11 05:58:43 UTC 2003

Hi folks, 3.5 has been moved to final status.

I just issued an update which advances the version to "Squeak3.5".  A 
3.5 final image/changes/readme .zip file is available on the ftp site, 


You can give it a quick test if you'd like.  The content of the welcome 
window is basically unchanged from 3.4, except that a couple of 
specific 3.4 references were removed/updated.

Bundles with VMs will be created soon, and the squeak.org downloads 
page will be updated soon after that.

The 3.5 release is a quick release which contains just a few 
significant bug fixes over 3.4.  The upcoming 3.6 release will be on a 
more normal schedule, and will include a lot more changes. :-)

- Doug Way

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