Wierd numbering...

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Sat Apr 12 04:40:06 UTC 2003

What's up with the numbering? I thought we were on the linux-like
even=stable, odd=devel track?

I would have called this new release 3.4.1.

By the way, I spent a long time waiting for the 3.4 (presumably stable)
release and then a quite supprising ammount of time playing around with
it and changing stuff (such as removing unneded instance variables, even
from the "class" class. ;)

I am _EXTREMELY_ reluctant to jump versions again... It would seem, from
the version numbering, that this is a major bugfix but I havn't
experienced any problems with what I have. 

BTW: The leenooks (the OS from Hell) port of squeek is currently without
a maintainer. There is only the 3.4 release and the 3.5.1devel snapshot.

What I am trying to say is that you're causing me a significant ammount
of confusion here and I could really use some clarification... 

Having never read a manual, it takes less effort to hack something
togeather with www.squeak.org than it does with C++ and five books.

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