Need feedback on simple idea

Marcus marcus at
Sat Apr 12 10:53:41 UTC 2003

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 02:34:06PM -0400, Donald Major wrote:
> I have what I consider a better reason not to want to see the suggested 
> idea researched in the public core Squeak code -- I use Squeak because 
> it's free (important to me) and Smalltalk (more important to me) -- NOT 
> some other language, like Self.  From postings I've seen, both for this 
> thread and (much) earlier ones, I gather that any time I want to program 
> with Self, I can download an image and start hitting keys.  But I don't 
> want to program in Self, I want to program in Smalltalk, and Squeak fits 
> that model closely enough for my purposes.

A really dumb Question: Maybe Squeak was called 'Squeak' and not
'Smalltalk' because it isn't Smalltalk but, uhm, Squeak? 

I'd allways had the impression that Squeak was about "inventing the
future" and not "implementing the past". But that could have just been
a strange idea of me, I guess...


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